What’s Calling My Child the Loudest? Part Two: Learning from My son

How can you deal with a problem you don’t have a concept of? How can you help your gifted child when you don’t realize what sort of help he or she needs?

I faced this difficulty in June 2001 when my son Lewis was six. We were having his weekly cello lesson and as usual I was stymied by a number of things that didn’t add up. Why were some components of his technique nearly perfect at times, and wildly out of whack at others? He had a natural ability to execute any motion he could see, hear, or feel in my playing—but not always.

Finally I said, “Lewis, you can often do things so easily that when you can’t, I just don’t understand why.”

Patiently he answered, “Mommy, the doing is easy. It’s the paying attention that’s hard.”

This was the beginning of my realization that something definite was interfering with his focus.


About Rebecca Hein

Author of A Case Of Brilliance, her memoir of her discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted
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