Too Many Interests, Part Three

Gradually, sometime in high school, Lewis began to settle in to a few activities out of the half-dozen or more that had pulled at him for so long. More and more he gravitated toward photographing and writing about his building projects, whether he was working with wood or metal. Thus he synthesized three or four creative areas, and began to earn money selling articles to magazines. This motivated him to continue these activities.

Cello playing, I was relieved to observe, became a much-loved hobby; something he’ll never let go of. He fits in his practicing whenever he can, certainly not every day, but often enough to stay in shape and enjoy it.

As I watched the fortunate metamorphosis from the child who was overwhelmed with too many interests to the young adult who had begun to meld several of these interests, I began to realize how this had happened.


About Rebecca Hein

Author of A Case Of Brilliance, her memoir of her discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted
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