Too Many Interests, Part Four

How did Lewis succeed in narrowing his interests just enough to be able to develop those relatively few abilities? Because he had the attention to choose the most important ones.

That attention lay within, where all these activities and talent areas called so loudly; all at equal volume. Gradually, through years of listening, he learned to distinguish the loudest of all, and that was when he began to gravitate toward his life’s work.


About Rebecca Hein

Author of A Case Of Brilliance, her memoir of her discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted
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2 Responses to Too Many Interests, Part Four

  1. This was so helpful to read, Rebecca! As the mother of a girl who has many interests spanning the academic, artistic, and musical arenas I sometimes wonder how she will be able to nurture all of these passions or find her highest calling. It sounds like, as in most all matters, time and trust are key. Happy to hear your son has found a path and thanks again for sharing your experience!


    • Rebecca Hein says:

      Dear Annette,

      Yes, these developmental processes do work themselves out, especially when conditions are right. In our son’s case, I think the key was the close internal listening that enabled him to eventually hear the loudest voices.

      We helped by learning to stay out of the way, not cluttering up his thinking or his routine with demands that were irrelevant or not workable for him in the long run.

      For example, I finally realized he couldn’t practice the cello every day, nor could he practice his writing every day. (I was a professional cellist and am now a professional writer, so giving up these expectations was not easy). Had I tried to require that daily work, I’d have caused a lot of conflict and distracted him from that central task of listening.

      thanks for your comment,

      Becky Hein


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