Two Brilliant Writers and the Problems Caused by Their High Ability

Part 1

The popular stereotype of a ″gift″ or ″talent″ is that the lucky person of this unusual ability doesn’t have to struggle. Above all, he or she surely doesn’t have to struggle against problems caused by the gift itself. The gift makes everything easier, right? Not necessarily.

Two highly gifted writers, Writer A and Writer B, were tripped up by the very abilities that put them far ahead of the norm. The obstacles caused by their talent were formidable, slowing them down and complicating their efforts. In one case, this slowdown threatened to be complete.

This series will profile these two writers: Writer A’s thinking and reading ranged so far that his writing could not contain it. Writer B’s greatest asset—transcendent flashes of ability that produced inspired poetry and prose—made it difficult for him to realize that his writing could progress in any other way.


About Rebecca Hein

Author of A Case Of Brilliance, her memoir of her discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted
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