How do you guide a young student who needs your help but won’t accept it?

The most self-directed young students typically reject advice from parents and teachers. Although their drive to master a particular skill or subject ensures their progress, these toddlers and preschoolers can’t always judge what they need to learn and when. Inevitably they become frustrated.

However, just because the student is at an impasse does not mean he or she will accept advice, teaching, or any kind of help. The more strong-willed the child, the more likely this is.

What’s a parent to do? Offer emotional support. Offer guidance, but don’t push it. Offer your presence and suggestions; and encourage your child to muddle through. You will feel like you, too, are muddling through, but this is possibly the best you can do under the circumstances, and may even be enough.


About Rebecca Hein

Author of A Case Of Brilliance, her memoir of her discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted
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