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The adolescent polymath

The polymath’s development throughout adolescence can bewilder parents even more than the toddler phase when an unusual level of clutter proliferates in the child’s life for no apparent reason. But since adolescence baffles and worries all parents, what’s different about … Continue reading

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What’s Calling My Gifted Child the Loudest? Part Four: Achieving Balance

After my six-year-old son Lewis told me that woodworking was calling to him more loudly than cello playing, my husband began teaching him basic carpentry. He thrived under this instruction and was soon able to pay attention to other things. … Continue reading

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On Brilliance and Stubbornness

Beethoven’s teachers said of him, “…[he] was so headstrong and self-sufficient that he had to learn much through harsh experience which he had refused to accept when it was presented to him as a subject of study.” Since many bright … Continue reading

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The Problem of Attention, Part Three: Creativity in the Raw

Creativity insists on being heard. This is the dilemma of the gifted child: parents and teachers require attention, yet the Muse is louder. The problem is compounded by the form in which the Muse first speaks: raw energy. Waves of … Continue reading

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Raging Intelligence

“Never check the teeth of a gifted horse,” remarked the father of one of my cello students as we commiserated over the sad state of a ¾ size cello that one of his friends had lent him for his son. … Continue reading

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