Tutoring Services for Your Gifted Child: Writing

Tutoring, How Writing is Like Music
Instructor: Rebecca Hein

My rate is $40 per hour, but you can reduce it by bundling. The more time you purchase, the less you pay per hour.

4 hours for $140 (a $160 value) hours to be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks

6 hours for $180 ( a $240 value) hours to be completed in approximately 6-10 weeks

8 hours for $200 (a $320 value) hours to be completed in approximately 8-16 weeks

All packages will be a combination of phone time (critiquing and tutoring) and time I spend reading/evaluating your child’s work prior to these phone calls. Ideally phone calls should take place weekly and can be from 30-90 minutes long, depending on your child’s needs. Calls are scheduled at our mutual convenience.

Tutoring via email correspondence is also available, but phone calls are a much better value; typically by phone we can get through more than twice the material in the same amount of time.

Payment: You pay half the total before we schedule the first phone call (or if working via email, before your child sends the first piece to be critiqued/discussed). The remaining balance is due after approximately half the hours have been received. Paypal: send payment to woodturnedart@vcn.com. Paper check: make payable to Hein Family Enterprises, Inc. 10205 W. Hwy. 220, Casper, WY 82604

Policies: A free half hour will be added to your package if your child hasn’t taken one of my free classes. If, 24 hours prior to a scheduled phone call, you notify me BY PHONE to cancel (307-472-0208), that call will be rescheduled. If you miss a scheduled call without notifying me, you will forfeit the call (pay for it but not receive it) unless illness or emergency prevented your keeping that appointment. If I miss or cancel a call, I will reschedule it.

About the Instructor: Rebecca Hein has a master’s degree in cello performance from Northwestern University and has been teaching cello since 1974. She teaches classes via telephone conference call on How Writing is Like Music to students age 8-adult. She also tutors and coaches writers of all ages.

Rebecca is the author of more than 80 published articles, mostly on cello playing and its connection to a variety of subjects including writing, visual art, creativity, and issues of concern to gifted children and their parents. Her memoir, A Case of Brilliance , is about the discovery that her two children are profoundly gifted. She blogs at www.caseofbrilliance.wordpress.com and www.musicofwriting.wordpress.com.


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